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Yacine Benyoucef

From the space to earth, let us push back the limits of our human condition

In the near future, we are probably going to witness the development of space exploratory flights and space tourism. Yet, space remains a hostile environment for the human body because it undergoes accelerated ageing. It is an unpredictable environment where the slightest health problem can put the person, team and even the mission in danger.
Spacemedex aims to create medical care and emergency units in space to support longer space missions and flights open to non-professionals.
Being very committed in this space medicine and life sciences research and development, we are convinced that this progress and cutting-edge medicine should also benefit the masses.
That is why, in partnership with research institutes, Spacemedex is selecting the most successful space-based innovations to treat earthly diseases such as ageing and the degeneration.


From Space: VR platform used to train astronauts to perform all tasks contributing to their mission in the space
To Earth: VR platform used to cure brain disorders and disorientation 

– Offers an innovative support for cybertherapies in neuropsychiatric disease
– Develops new avenues for social and locomotors rehabilitations
– Offers a strong potential for patients’ well-being and medical training through VR


From Space: VR platform used to train physically and neurologically astronauts in low gravity environments
To Earth: VR secured platform for physical rehabilitation and neurodegenerative diseases

– 360 degrees of movement, single or multi-user configuration, specially developed software for each application
– Offers an event stronger potential for patients’ well-being and medical training through extended VR


From Space: Non-Invasive electrical impedance spectroscopy for coronary disease and decompression sickness
To Earth: Portable and non-invasive Coronary Artery Disease Diagnosis

– Offers an innovative support for clinical medicine in coronary artery disease diagnosis
– Highly sensitive, safe, size-reduced and affordable
– Offers a strong potential for telemedicine


  • Partnering space activities and terrestrial technologies transfer for public health and life sciences
  • Supports projects from requirements, initial studies, engineering processes, mission procurement and tasks management
  • Scientific support for experimentation, data analysis and integration
  • Consortium building and strategic partnership for mission operations, providing manpower and clients
  • Drives strategic mutations through space-based innovations



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